Top 3 Reasons to choose SMARTForms™ for Compliance Management
GDPR, ISO Standards, Audits & Inspections, Health & Safety, HR and Training

Automate your company's manual processes through a digitally-based solution that simplifies data collection

"Drag & Drop"
Create or convert  existing manual paper, Excel spreadsheet or Word forms used to collect personal or business data, into intuitive encrypted compliant online forms, all with "Drag & Drop"


All plans are subscription PAYG  with affordable monthly payment options. 
No  fixed term contract!

Free Stuff

Over 100 free customisable forms  and free app with digital / finger signature.

Mobile & Offline SMARTForms™ 
View forms organised in folders,  download forms for offline use,  view and manage form submissions
and  create new submissions in online and offline mode.

Sync Data

Offline SMARTForms enable users to collect and store data offline and automatically sync it when they get connected to a network again.


Regardless of what operating system you use, our mobile app ensures the same ease of use and efficiency for all processes.

Save Time

Approval processes now take up to 6 times less by automatically sending  information through custom form solution.

Secure & Reliable

SMARTForms  advanced security features protecting your data, all submissions are encrypted on your mobile device.

Remote Reporting

Submit forms for review when you're at remote sites such as warehouses,  and construction sites removing bottlenecks with pending approvals.

Attach Images

Attach  images , videos or sound to audit and inspection checklist or capture hazards  as  evidence in incident reports .

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